Opening Cross Borders Doctorials Registration

Taking doctoral students out of their laboratories and into touch with the world of business: that’s the key concept behind the Doctorials ! This residential seminar, in a convivial setting, is a place to focus on your skills and your professional project.

The purpose of the event, for PhD students, is:
• On one hand, to highlight the diversity of applications for research work to encourage them to the creation of new business start-up and to the technology transfer.
• Introduce you to the variety and richness of careers in industry and help you build
• On the other hand, to enhance their employability in the private and public sectors.

This residentiel seminar (11 to 13 October 2023) is organised by the Collège Doctoral LR, in partnership with the Collège de l’Université de Montpellier and the Ecole des Docteurs de Toulouse.

The Doctorials programm is articulate around the following axes:
• workshop session on business plan, communication…
• group work on an innovative project with PhD students of different academic fields and nationalities,
• testimony of doctor / entrepreneur,
• exchange with the other PhD students about their professional project
• a pitch session, in order to present your group innovative project.

In brief :
• Sensitizing the PhD students to the technology transfer and to the entrepreneurship
• Strengthening the links between PhD students from other Universities/laboratories
• Highlighting the numerous skills of the PhD students and their creativity
• Increasing the professional prospects of the Doctors